Homebrewing a True Believer

I love hops. A good hoppy beer is my favourite part of the whole craft beer revolution we’ve been going through over the past few years and so when I came across a recipe for a hoppy American Pale Ale I had to try it out! Will it make me a True Believer? UPDATE: It was…

Homebrewing a Bohemian Pilsner

Back at it again and this time I brewed up a Bohemian Pilsner! Recipe Source: Toronto Brewing Co Beer Specifications Beer Name: Bohemian Pilsner Beer Style: Czech Pilsner Recipe Type: All Grain Batch Size: 5 gallons / 18.9 litres Estimated SRM: 4° Estimated IBU: 33 Estimated OG: 1.051 Estimated FG: 1.009 Estimated ABV: 5.5% Grain Bill/Fermentables…

Homebrewing a Summer “Leftover” Ale

As a homebrewer you sometimes need odd sized ingredients to make your brews. For instance if you only need 0.75oz of hops but you needed to buy a 1oz package what do you do with the remaining 0.25oz? Well after building up some “extra” ingredients over the course of a few months I decided to…

Homebrewing an English Honey Brown Ale

What happens when you have some extra English ale yeast and feel like making a beer with honey? Well in my case you end up with an English Honey Brown Ale! Recipe Source: Northern Brewer Beer Specifications Beer Name: English Honey Brown Ale Beer Style: Brown Ale Recipe Type: All Grain Batch Size: 5.5 gallons /…

Recipe: OBK Belgian Table Beer

A very light, drinkable and quenching Belgian-style session ale. A great drinker with lots of subtle complexity. Slight grain and bread notes from the pilsen malt extract pairs well with the floral and fruity character of the hops and yeast. Source: Ontario Beer Kegs Beer Specifications Beer Name: OBK Belgian Table Beer Beer Style: Belgian…

Recipe: True Believer

Basically an APA hopped like a IPA. Super juicy, tropical fruit notes a slight malt note of white bread in the back end but in no way a balanced beer. If you like hops, you are a True Believer. Source: Short Finger Brewing Co Beer Specifications Beer Name: True Believer Beer Style: American Pale Ale…

Brew Terminology: Ester

An ester is a flavour resulting from the fermentation process. Some yeast produce fruity esters while others can be spicy, flowery, etc.

Brew Terminology: IBU

IBU stands for International Bitterness Unit and is a means for measuring the hop infused bitterness on a finished beer.

Brew Terminology: Lagering

Lagering comes from the German language for storage and refers to allowing the beer to ferment, settle and mature over the course of several weeks or months. This is usually done at low temperatures which allow the yeast and various byproducts to drop out leaving behind a clear product.

Brew Terminology: Pitch

Pitching is the act of adding yeast to wort. It is often considered the first time the liquid has ‘officially’ become beer.