Homebrewing a Modified Homebrew Supply Mosaic Pilsner

Sometimes you search out a recipe by style or search to find one with some specific character you want in your beer. Other times you look for an existing, highly rated, recipe that happens to fit the ingredients you have on hand. This is a case of the later but one where more substitutions and “odd” choices were made. This is the story of the Modified Hop Schedule Homebrew Supply Mosaic Pilsner Wheat Beer.

Recipe Source: Homebrew Supply

Beer Specifications

Beer Name:Homebrew Supply Mosaic Pilsner
Beer Style:Pilsner
Recipe Type:All Grain
Pre-Boil Volume:6 gallons / 27.3 litres
Batch Size:5 gallons / 22.7 litres
Estimated SRM:3.6°
Estimated IBU:28.7
Estimated OG:1.048
Estimated FG:1.012
Estimated ABV:5%

Grain Bill/Fermentables

8Pilsner Malt
8 ozAcidulated Malt


175 minHallertau
0.2560 minAzacca
115 minSaaz
2 15 minSaaz
0.55 minMosaic
2Dry Hop (5-7 Days)Mosaic


1Saflager S-23
1Safbrew WB-06

Fermentation Schedule

21 daysPrimary
14 daysBottle Conditioning


Mash Temperature:152°F / 66.7°C
Mash Time:60 min
Boil Duration:90 min

As you can see from above there were quite a few modifications from the base Homebrew Supply recipe.

First off I didn’t have any Hallertau on hand and normally I would substitute that for Saaz but I also didn’t have enough Saaz. Because this is really just a bittering hop addition I added roughly the same IBUs by putting in 0.25 oz of Azacca at 60 min.

Secondly the recipe calls for 2 oz of Saaz at 5min but here again I didn’t have quite enough so instead I used 1 oz of Saaz and 0.5 oz of Mosaic.

Lastly I swapped out the lager yeast for some harvested Safbrew WB-06 I had on hand. Honestly I figured with all of the other changes I may as well go all out with this franken-beer.

Nothing much to say about the brew day or fermentation. Unlike the recipe, everything there proceeded as normal. My measured Original Gravity (OG) came to 1.053 and my Final Gravity (FG) logged in at 1.010 for an estimated ABV of 5.64%.

Tasting Notes

SmellVery surprising. It’s subtly sweet and very floral. In fact it almost has a bit of a bubble gum sent.
AppearanceGolden in colour and not overly cloud (the pictures don’t do it justice). Overall very attractive looking with a head that creeps toward the sky.
TasteThe taste is really interesting. It’s very sweet and refreshing with minimal bitterness but it’s also quite complex. It’s almost like a saison but without all of the funkiness.
YieldThis brew cost $28.98 in ingredients to make and yielded 43x355ml bottles ($0.67/bottle)

You know what? Despite all of the weird choices and needed substitutions this beer turned out just alright. It’s the perfect beer for a hot summer day. One that isn’t boring and doesn’t bog you down in bitterness but keeps you going back for more.

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