Brew Terminology: Sparge

Sparging is the act of running hot water through the grain at the end of the mash process in order ‘wash’ the sugars away from the grain. This is usually done in order to collect the wort in the kettle.

Brew Terminology: Adjunct

An adjunct is a fermentable ingredient, usually not grain, that can impart different flavours or result in a lighter tasting final beer.

Brew Terminology: Body

Body refers to the ‘feel’ of the beer in your mouth. Sometimes this is referred to as how ‘thick’ or ‘thin’ tasting the beer is.

Brew Terminology: Yeast

A micro-organism that is used in the brewing process to convert fermentable sugars into (among other things) alcohol.

Economics of Homebrewing

AKA “Can I save money homebrewing my own beer?” Where I live, in Ontario, Canada, the average price of a case of 24 beers is $34.95 or roughly $1.46 per 355ml beer. If you want to drink some craft beer instead you need to be prepared to pay quite a bit more. So ever since…

Homebrewing a Centennial Blonde

While browsing various homebrew pages on the Internet for my next recipe to brew, I found that a number of people kept pointing to the “Centennial Blonde” as their go-to or favourite recipe. So I found the recipe and decided to try it out myself! Recipe Source: Homebrew Talk Beer Specifications Beer Name: Centennial Blonde Beer…

Homebrewing a Boddingtons Clone

Looking for something new to brew it was suggested that I try making a clone of the English Pub Ale Boddingtons and so here we are! Because a liquid yeast is used in this recipe I had to make a starter prior to brew day. And since I had to make a starter I figured…

Recipe: Bohemian Pilsner

This revolutionary style developed in Pilsen in 1842, started a trend for pale lagers which remains the world’s most popular beer style. Our version uses mid and late additions of mount hood hops which lend a pungent, herbal and slightly spicey quality to the final beer. Source: Toronto Brewing Co Beer Specifications Beer Name: Bohemian Pilsner…

Recipe: English Honey Brown Ale

What would happen if you augmented the slightly dry, caramelly and roasty character of a smooth, mellow English brown ale with the sweet floral flavor of honey? What if you added the honey at the very last possible minute to maximize its presence in the finished beer? What if it was delicious? This recipe is…

Homebrewing a very Simple Apple (Juice) Cider

When I decided to try my hand at making a cider instead of a beer I had no idea it would be so easy. I almost feel silly making a post about it to be honest. I’ll even save you the trouble of reading below by saying it is really as simple as just combining…