Homebrewing Crisis Response II

Crisis Response is pseudo-NEIPA recipe that I plan on iterating on over time in order to try and perfect it. How did it turn out this time?

Beer Specifications

Beer Name:Crisis Response II
Beer Style:IPA
Recipe Type:All Grain
Pre-Boil Volume:6 gallons / 27.3 litres
Batch Size:5 gallons / 22.7 litres
Estimated SRM:3.6°
Estimated IBU:57
Estimated OG:1.052
Estimated FG:1.007
Estimated ABV:5.8%

Grain Bill/Fermentables

1Wheat Malt
1Flaked Oats
6 ozHoney Malt
4 ozAcidulated Malt


0.560 minGalaxy
15 minCitra
15 minCentennial
2Dry Hop (5-7 Days)Citra
2Dry Hop (5-7 Days)Centennial


1OYL-200 Tropical IPA

Fermentation Schedule

11 daysPrimary
14 daysBottle Conditioning


Mash Temperature:152°F / 66.7°C
Mash Time:60 min
Boil Duration:60 min

This was the second take on brewing my own recipe and so I only wanted to change a couple of variables at once. To that end only the hop schedule changed this time from being focused around Citra and Azacca to Citra and Centennial now.

Brew day went as normal and fermentation completed without any hitches. I wanted to turn it around relatively quickly but decided to gave it 11 days to fully ferment out and cleanup. After that my measured Original Gravity (OG) was 1.054 and my Final Gravity (FG) came in at 1.004 for an ABV of approximately 6.56%. These numbers were pretty close to what I expected which is great. Oddly enough I’ve started to notice that the OYL-200 Tropical Yeast I use seems to keep finishing around 1.004 so maybe I should try swapping that out in a future iteration?

Anyway I bottle conditioned for 2 weeks and then cracked one open. Sadly I did not take a picture at that time but the colour on it was really nice and bright. Since then it has oxidized a bit and darkened as a result which you can see that in the picture I do have below:

Tasting Notes

SmellA very nice fruity and floral hoppy smell that was right on the money in my opinion. Since then it has become more subdued which I guess is another reason to try and drink your IPAs when they’re young and fresh.
AppearanceInitially very bright and golden but has become slightly darker over time as it oxidizes. Nice rocky head on it that makes it a very appealing beer.
TasteWhile not exactly a juice bomb it does deliver a very balanced hop punch. This beer is like a half way point between a really hoppy IPA and an NEIPA.
YieldThis brew cost $41.77 in ingredients to make and yielded 32x355ml bottles ($1.31/bottle)

Other than the oxidization I am quite pleased with how this version turned out. I think it’s a solid improvement over the last and this hop combo is definitely closer to what I’m hoping to achieve!

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