Bottling Day #2: Irish Blonde Ale

Continuing on from where I left off last time, the beer had fermented for just over three weeks when I began to prepare it for bottling. I started by moving the carboy into my cold garage for about 48 hours in order to cold crash it. Once that was over I added about 1/2 teaspoon of unflavored gelatin to 1/2 cup of water, raised its temperature to around 170F / 76.7C and added it to the cold crashed beer. After another 48 hours I finally went to bottle it.

The final gravity (FG) reading was 1.006 which, when combined with my original gravity (OG) of 1.054, gave me an estimated ABV of 6.3%.

Make sure everything is clean!

I mixed up my priming sugar into my bottling bucket and siphoned the beer from the carboy on top of it. I then slowly stirred it up to mix it thoroughly.

Can never be too safe protecting that beer before its bottled!

Other than a moment of panic half way through when my bottle capper decided to jam up on me everything when perfectly smooth.

What a beautiful sight!

Now to count down the days until I can taste this batch…

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