Recipe: “Rye Wit” Session Beer

I like this recipe for two reasons. First of all, it’s a tasty beer with low alcohol and low calories. Second, it’s a beer that professional brewers would be hard-pressed to duplicate.

Source: James Spencer (Beer & Wine Journal)

Beer Specifications

Beer Name: “Rye Wit” Session Beer
Beer Style: Rye Wit
Recipe Type: All Grain
Batch Size: 5 gallons / 18.9 litres
Estimated SRM: 2.2°
Estimated IBU: 12
Estimated OG: 1.018
Estimated FG: 1.002
Estimated ABV: 2.1%

Grain Bill/Fermentables

Lbs Fermentables
3 Malted Wheat
1 Malted Rye


Oz Min Hops
0.5 60 Fuggle
1 Flameout Mosaic


# Yeast
1 SafAle S-05

Fermentation Schedule

21 days Primary
7-14 days Bottle Conditioning
Optimal Fermentation Temperature:64-82°F / 18-28°C
Place fermenter in stable temperature, out of the light.


Mash Temperature: 153°F / 67.2°C
Mash Time: 60 min
Strike Water Volume: 3.5 gallons / 15.9 litres
Sparge Water Volume: 2.75 gallons / 10.4 litres
Boil Duration: 60 min

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