Beer Tasting & Review Day #1: Baldwin St. Bohemian Pilsner

Well the big day has finally arrived: it’s finally time to try my first homebrewed beer. I have to admit that when I went to crack the first bottle there were still quite a few unknowns… would it be carbonated enough? How would it taste? What did I screw up?

My very first homebrewed beer

Thank god for that hiiiissss sound… at least I got it to carbonate right. But how would it actually taste? Well, actually, to be honest it’s pretty good! Interestingly enough it has a bit of an almost apricot flavour to it but without any lingering taste whatsoever. And for a beer that’s pretty strong (6.69%) it doesn’t really taste too strong which is nice. More importantly as I type this, now a few hours after drinking my first beer, I’m still alive and feeling fine so at the very least I didn’t accidentally brew poison or something else terrible like that. So all told I think my first homebrewing experience was actually really successful!

I’ve even already started brewing my next batch (post to come soon) so be sure to check back to read about that. Until then… cheers!

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