The Journey


Brewer’s Journey started as an idea to create a place where I could share my experiences as someone who is brand new to the homebrewing scene. This is where I plan on posting all about my experiences along the way of my homebrewing journey including recaps of my brew days, things that I’ve learned (so much to learn!), recipes that sound interesting, personal reviews of recipes that I’ve brewed, my brewing successes and of course… my failures. I’m sure there will be quite a few failures along the way!

If you think anything I’ve posted on here is interesting then please leave a comment or use the contact form if you’d really like to get a hold of me. I’d love to hear what your favourite homebrew recipes, tips and tricks are!

And hey, if you just happened to stumble upon this site then crack open a cold one and give it a read through. Who knows, maybe you too will catch the brew bug and join in on this fun hobby.


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