Recipe: Irish Stout

Despite the rich, dark colour, Irish stout is one of the lightest and most sessionable beers on draft. Our Irish stout has a delicious coffee-like character from the roasted barley, and a gentle biscuity malt background from the Maris Otter. Flaked barley enhances the creamy mouthfeel. This beer finishes dry to keep you coming back for another sip.

Source: Ontario Beer Kegs

Beer Specifications

Beer Name:Irish Stout
Beer Style:Stout
Recipe Type:All Grain
Batch Size:5.5 gallons / 20.8 litres
Estimated SRM:35°
Estimated IBU:32
Estimated OG:1.039
Estimated FG:1.009
Estimated ABV:3.9%

Grain Bill/Fermentables

6Maris Otter
1Roasted Barley
1Flaked Barley


160Northern Brewer


1Nottingham / Wyeast 1084 / WLP004

Fermentation Schedule

7-14 daysPrimary
7-14 daysBottle Conditioning
Optimal Fermentation Temperature: 57-70°F / 14-21°C
Place fermenter in stable temperature, out of the light.


Mash Temperature:154.4°F / 68°C
Mash Time:60 min
Strike Water Volume:3 gallons / 11.4 litres
Sparge Water Volume:3 gallons / 11.4 litres
Boil Duration:60 min

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OBK Irish “Coffee” Stout

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