Recipe: Berliner Weisse Sour

This recipe is a combination of numerous recipes online but essentially is just a classic Berliner Weisse grain bill with a few tweaks to match the ingredients I had at hand. I can’t speak to how it tastes because I haven’t brewed it yet :).

Beer Specifications

Beer Name:Berliner Weisse Sour
Beer Style:Berliner Weisse
Recipe Type:All Grain
Pre-Boil Volume:6 gallons / 27.3 litres
Batch Size:5 gallons / 22.7 litres
Estimated SRM:
Estimated IBU:17
Estimated OG:1.034
Estimated FG:1.008
Estimated ABV:3.3%

Water Chemistry

0.5Calcium Chloride

Grain Bill/Fermentables

2.75Pilsner Malt
2.75Wheat Malt


160 minSaaz


1Escarpment Labs Lactobacillus Blend 2.0
1Safale K-97

Fermentation Schedule

21 daysPrimary
14 daysBottle Conditioning


Mash Temperature:150°F / 65.5°C
Mash Time:60 min
Boil Duration:60 min

See how this recipe turned out here!

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